Electronics Recycle Day- Dec 2

Clean out those electronics-filled closets and help a worthy cause! The Way Inc. is asking for your old computers, monitors, printers, cables, and other electronics. They will refurbish usable items for sale at their store (The Saving Way) and they will take the remainder to a technology  recycling facility in Madison. They have specifically asked for the following items:
·         Windows 2000/XP class machines
·         Network Cards
·         Sound Cards
·         Power Cables
·         Network Cables (CAT5)
·         Power supplies & other internal components
Basically they will take any electronics you no longer use.

Please bring your items to our corporate location on Chris Drive during business hours on Thursday, December 2. Box up small items to make them easy to transport. We will store them in the old reception area that is just across from the receptionist on the first floor. The Way will pick up the items after 5pm that day. They will also provide receipts that allow you to itemize and assess the value of your donations for tax purposes.

If you donate a computer, please be conscientious of what may be stored on the hard disk. Erase the disk with a program that makes data recovery impossible or simply pull the drive out before you donate the machine.

The Way Inc. was our Torch Helps quarterly grant recipient in the Spring of this year and this is a great way to continue to support their mission.